Frequently Asked Questions

We prepared these commonly asked questions in hopes of saving you a trip to our support ticket system.

General questions

Clanlist is a Toplist system that allows gaming communities to advertise their community and gain more members. Our system allows members to easily find the most active and popular gaming communities out there.

We will be releasing new games support slowly. You can request us to add a game by contacting us.

Ranking of sites are based of how many "Unique in" votes were recieved in 1 day. All Ranking positions reset daily and voting is limited to 1 vote per device. We monitor voting on all communities to prevent cheating.

Unique in Total votes that came from vistors the site considered new for that day.

Unique Out How many vistors the site considered to be new visited your community url.

Premium Membership Questions

If you paid for a premium membership and the account has not taken effect within 10-15 minutes, please contact us and we will get the account activated for you.

Our system will automatically refund duplicate purchases within 1 business day.

User Account

Our system currently caches all banners on the site for about 1 day to boost the performance of the site. Please allow up to 1 day for the banner to propogate.

We now support the ability that allows users to change their username in "Edit Profile" after logging in. Changing the username will require you to update any voting buttons on your personal site manually.

After the new website version, some accounts had multiple communities under one account. Our system no longer supports that, so you will need to contact use to retrieve all the usernames for your accounts. No information was lost, you just have to contact us!