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NSWC SEAL Team 3 is a MilSim unit striving for hardcore realism, tactical situations, and enjoyment for those who like slow-paced but intriguing and serious combat environments. We are always looking for new members, especially those who are willing to try military simulations, or a tactical hardcore Arma III unit. If you are looking for serious, intriguing, enjoyable, and adrenaline-pumping operations, join the NSWC. Feel free to contact me or talk to me in the Discord at any time with the links provided. Once our numbers our meet (Only a few spots are open) we will close the enlistment, we try to stay small within our SEALs for a more realistic experience. Of course Yes we are Navy, But we don't do the Typical stay on the ship lifestyle if you know anything about the SEALs that's only 1% of there job. we are both casual and serious at times, we are casual when we are hanging out and training but serious when it comes to missions. Lead and run by an Active Duty Service Member.